Annual Crystal Lake Flotilla Marks Arrival of New Year and 1st Anniversary of This Blog







Once again, CoHoots bundled up and launched watercraft upon the mighty Crystal Lake.  Actually, it was mighty high this January.  By the peak of the summer dry season, the level will be considerably lower, which makes traversing the back path to the park (and prime blackberry-picking territory) much less soggy.  This year, two canoes happily laden with kids of all ages made the annual pilgrimage .

One year ago, stories of CoHo life on-site were shared via this blog for the first time.

Prior to move-in, a CoHo newsletter was sent out weekly (then monthly, then annually).  All issues are available on our website.  Our focus was on connecting with each other and with future neighbors and making lots and lots of consensus decisions about our community.

Since move-in, the pace has shifted.  Our travel time to CoHo meetings and functions has shrunk  to a few minutes (unless we get “CoHo’d” on the way with a question or a cookie or an invitation, which can result in considerable delays).  However, the number and frequency of CoHo gatherings/adventures has increased.

Hopefully, this blog will enable more regular communication once again with folks inside and outside CoHo.  Look for more CoHo “voices” this year.

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