Welcome Weekend — Building Connections Through Community

In 2006 and 2007, our community hosted 16 Welcome Weekends to meet and greet folks who were interested in becoming our neighbors.  The model was very successful in helping folks decide if cohousing was right for them.  The action-packed weekend format also made it easy for out-of-town visitors to complete some of our membership steps that involved face-to-face time with the community.

In 2010, Welcome Weekend #17 was held and in 2011, it’s time for Welcome Weekend #18.

The focus is a bit broader this time.  While we are eager to welcome new neighbors who would purchase one of our three available units, we are also seeking to deepen our connections with neighbors in Corvallis.  We advocate a community-based model for sustainability and that focus is growing stronger as we look ahead to cultural and economic changes.

The text from our Welcome Weekend poster gives more details about the event….

CoHo Ecovillage

Welcome Weekend

Friday, February 18th through Sunday, February 20th

Building Connections Through Community

At times you may find your values and lifestyle don’t

“line up” with mainstream ways of living.

Maybe it’s time to check out cohousing.

If you’re interested in creating connections

with an intergenerational community that cultivates

both social and ecological sustainability,

visit us for Welcome Weekend and see how life changes when you…

  • know your 33 closest neighbors (and their kids and their pets)
  • work on collaborative teams and make decisions by consensus
  • share abundance with homegrown food and music and celebrations
  • work together on a long-range plan for the community
  • give and receive support in living green

Friday evening, February 18th

Welcome, vegetarian potluck dinner (no peanuts), sustainability session with Resilience Network Funshop on The Power of Yeast

Saturday, February 19th


10am:  Orientation and site tour (a joint session for Welcome Weekend visitors plus Public Tour visitors);includes tour of three units for sale

Corvallis tour or work party to set up for…

Madrigal Feast and Song (multi-course meal with musical program)

Sunday, February 20th

Breakfast with Welcome Weekend Hosts

Membership Team Q&A

Community business meeting

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED for both Welcome Weekend and Public Tour

Contact Andy at 541-231-0239

1975 SE Crystal Lake Drive, Corvallis, Oregon  97333


7 years in development…3 years living on-site…a lifetime to share

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