Family Reunion

Ophelia (originally known as Brownie) made a surprise visit to her littermates at CoHo.

This all-female litter had been spayed a few weeks earlier.  They were Humane Society foster kittens, staying at CoHo until they were big enough (2 pounds) for their surgery.

Ophelia went to her new home with a CoHoot’s niece.  The other three black and white beauties returned to the Humane Society in hopes of a quick adoption.  Instead, they caught a cold (a fairly typical occurrence at the crowded shelter) and came back to CoHo to recuperate.

Playful curiosity abounded after an initial round of hisses.  While they didn’t have fur-to-fur contact, the kittens all enjoyed the visit.  Rosie would have liked closer contact (her mission in life is to groom her sisters…nonstop) but settled for a few friendly sniffs through the playpen walls.

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