The Big “K”

When families first moved into CoHo in 2007, we had a cadre of 2-year-olds.  By 2010, they had miraculously transformed into kindergarteners.

To celebrate the start of the school year for these 5-year-olds (and their older siblings), the community started a new tradition.

Folks made bracelets for the kids and signed cards for each of them.  One by one, each child was given their bracelet and card (plus kisses from mom and dad) and then walked through an arch formed by CoHo adults while a CoHoot led the group in song (an original song written for the occasion) and parents took lots and lots and lots of photos.

CoHoots are looking forward to more traditions to mark various passages in life.

And some folks are already thinking ahead another 10 years to life at CoHo with a half dozen 15-year-olds!

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