A Trio Introduces the Triple Threat

Jeremy, Rob, and Greg teamed up to share basic information on the Triple Threat (Peak Oil, economic collapse, climate change).  A follow-up session on November 12th will focus on resilience for uncertain times and what we can do about the Triple Threat.

This initial session was designed to give an overview of current challenges.  As part of CoHo’s long-range planning process, CoHoots will be looking at internal and external factors that impact our cohousing community.  The “big picture” perspective from this session will provide a context for our planning efforts.


“Community” is often cited as one of the best responses to the Triple Threat.  Cohousing offers one path to community.



If you spotted this “wizard” on the path, would you follow him???  (OK, it was Halloween weekend, but Greg has a special flair that lends itself to costumes and funky hats through the year.)

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