A “Hands-On” Preview of Life in Cohousing – Saturday, October 23rd

Some call it a “work day,” others call it a “work party.”  It is both and it is also a great way to learn first-hand why 75 folks enjoy working/partying/living in our family-friendly, eco-friendly neighborhood.

From 8:30am to 4:00pm (with a 1-hour break for a community meal at 12:30pm), CoHoots will be teaming up to work on a variety of projects.  Who could resist the following one-of-a-kind opportunities???

Compost Bin Fortification & Maintenance

Northside Fence Landscaping

Wayfaring Weeders

Rolling Garden Tape

Kids’ Room Loft

Cook Workday Lunch (and clean-up afterward)

Pick-Up Bulk Food Orders from Fill-Your-Pantry sale (via bike and trailer brigade)

Locating, marking, and clearing all site foundation and roof drains

Common House Dryer Vent Cleaning

Kid-friendly project being organized by Kids’ Club members (washing front-door windows)

You can rotate among work crews, meet lots of folks, and share a meal.  If you’d like to attend this work day/party or a future one, contact Jessica (jessgroom1 at gmail.com).

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