Fourth of July 2010

Gazette photo

Spearheaded by David, a collection of musical CoHoots formed a marching band with a limited repertoire–one tune.  But Stars and Stripes Forever was all they needed to wow the crowd at the “Corvallis Annual Fabulous, Fantastic, Anyone-Can-Join Fourth of July Parade.”  Their performance made the front page of the Corvallis Gazette Times.

The musicians had a few stationary practices outside the Common House and then launched into motion up and down CoHo’s central path.

Parade day was bright and sunny.

Joey, perched high atop a fire truck, opened the parade with a stunning solo of The Star Spangled Banner (in the photo her daughter and husband look on).

The parade is a free-flowing event, so the CoHo band was somewhat surrounded by appreciative marchers.  The CoHo contingent included musicians playing guitar, fiddle, piccolo, trumpet, accordion, drums, and a vuvuzela, plus walkers and a Pedi cab with lots and lots of red, white, and blue.

The festivities continued at dusk with fireworks.

And July 5th seemed, well…quiet.

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