NVC at CoHo: A Fishbowl Discussion

All CoHo neighbors (owners AND renters) commit to learning and using non-violent communication (NVC), also known as compassionate communication.  NVC is a collection of simple, effective steps and techniques which help create and support connection, cooperation and satisfaction.

Using a fishbowl format at a recent community meeting, folks shared their experiences with a variety of NVC training sessions held at CoHo.

Some highlights—

  • Workshop helped shift me out of just “practicing the formula” and into deeper intent
  • NVC has been helpful in teaching our kids how to check in with each other
  • Hearing people use NVC more fluently (“street giraffe”*) at advanced courses is helpful
  • Workshop was particularly powerful in working through a family issue
  • NVC is a life approach and it’s possible to live with a focus on compassionate communication
  • NVC is useful in my work as a framework and as a specific tool
  • Basic class with two teachers was really good
  • Hearing how people are using NVC is helpful for me right now (after just completing the basic course)
  • Our daughter and her college friends will be taking an NVC class before sharing a house next year–a big step from her initial reaction in the days we were just learning NVC
  • Powerful experience to co teach NVC with a neighbor

The NVC team will be proposing more training opportunities in the future.

*NVC is sometimes described as “the language of the heart.”  The giraffe was selected as a symbol of compassionate communication because it is has the largest heart of any land animal.  The giraffe’s long neck provides a far-reaching, overall perspective and also suggests a willingness to “stick your neck out” and take risks.

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