Kitten Season

It’s kitten season at CoHo and kids of every age stop by often to help socialize Daphne and her four kittens, foster animals from Heartland Humane Society.

At first Daphne was very cautious and wouldn’t even come out ofher cage.  She’d been an outdoor cat, spending most of her time hiding.  She was small and hungry.

When Daphne’s kittens (two males, two females) opened their beautiful baby blue eyes at 10 days, she started to mellow.

As the kittens got stronger, they started to explore their cage and larger playpen area.  And they met people–lots and lots of kitty lovers eager to teach them about cuddling and playing.

The kittens LOVED company and taught Daphne that laps were wonderful places to hang out.

When they weigh 2 pounds, the kittens will be spayed/neutered and made available for adoption.  Daphne will also be ready for her “forever home.”

Of the 38 cats and kittens fostered at CoHo from November 2007 through May 2010, 6 have been adopted by CoHoots or Friends of CoHo.

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