Worms – Nature’s Master Composters

After a cozy winter tucked inside a dark abode with frequent feeding (food scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, and the all-time-favorite–melon rinds), much cooing, and periodic deposits of newspaper strips spritzed with water (not the kind of “bedding” we humans would enjoy), Susan and Colleen’s red wigglers emerged into the Oregon sunshine for a harvesting party.

The harvesting process involved small piles of worm poop (magically transformed into luscious rich dark brown compost), and lots of bright light.  The worms dove for cover, allowing the top of each pile to be harvested.

Repeat the process several times and you get a big pile of awesome first-rate compost.  A secondary harvest is the “worm tea” drained from the bottom of the bin (actually one bin is nestled inside another bin and is sitting on wooden blocks to allow the “worm tea” to accumulate at the bottom).

The worms returned to the bin to work their magic all over again.

Diluted with water, the worm compost and the “worm tea” make plants grow and gardeners smile!

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