Celebrating Arbor’s Birth and Birthday

The youngest of three babies born to CoHoots since move-in had a double celebration with the community. After Sunday dinner, folks shared dessert and stories about Arbor’s birth and his first birthday.

While neighbors lit candles when word spread that Joey was in labor, the Kimdons were busy birthing Arbor at home. As the process unfolded, there were moments of intensity and laughter. At one point, mom and dad were vocalizing with each contraction and the dogs next door were answering with empathetic yowls.

When Arbor’s sister and grandparents arrived, it was early evening and they were greeted by lit candles in every unit along the CoHo walkway.

The family enjoyed snuggling together in their unit for a week, supplied with a plentiful array of meals provided by their neighbors. They also spent time on a very important task–selecting Arbor’s name.

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